18 February, 2013

Hugglets Winter BearFest 2013

Here is a preview of the little bears I will have on my table next week at the Hugglets Winter BearFest:

I will also have new little dolls and micro bears (pictures to come).
My table is nr 141C, on the upper floor right in front of the lift, I am so excited!!

08 February, 2013

Sheldon ..... ?


Doesn't he look like Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory?
I am making new little dolls with cold porcelain. I work on them in the morning when everybody is out (except fo the cat who is sleeping on the top of the sofa) and there is calm and silence all around. While I work the tv is on and I watch (I'd better say "hear") The Big Bang Theory so when I finished this doll, I looked at it and said "it's Sheldon!!!"
Then, while taking some pictures, I realized that I made a little Leonard too:

What do you ThinK?
I also made little naked babies, Bimbo One and Bimbo Two (Bimbo means baby in italian) I don't want to decide a name because then it's difficult to part from them (infact Sheldon will remain with me!).

If you are coming to Miniaturitalia this week-end please come to my table and say hello!

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