22 December, 2012

Star Wars ... the saga continues

Hubby is in the kitchen cooking for this evening .... he's preparing a scrumptuous gravy for the pasta called "mare e monti" (aka sea and mountains) with shrimps, fish, mushrooms, olives .... so mouth watering! I can hear he and Dauhgter chatting about preparing almond crunch .... hmmm more and more scrumptuous and yummy!!

... and I am laying on the sofa, watching "Eureka" on tv, drinking tea and playing with my laptop ... ahhhhhh that's life!!

After all I survived the end of the world and I deserve some cuddles :))
This morning I ended another present on my to do Christmas list that I have to give away this evening (still in the Star Wars mood), R2-D2 (for some strange reason someone translated the name in italian as C1-P8, duh!) taaa daaahhh:

It turned out to be 24mm tall. I also jointed the legs so it can pose easily.
I still have few things to finish but I am having so much fun with the saga .......

... may the Force be - still - with you ....


  1. Super cute! Thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

  2. Thanks for the laugh! What a great idea.
    Buon Natale

  3. do you have these star wars patterns for sale :) ?

    1. I made them adapting a pattern from Lucyravenscar on Etsy, here is the link:

  4. I love your Yoda and R2D2, they look great!

    -Baby Cat


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