20 December, 2012

A long time ago ...

In a Galaxy far, far away ...

This is the Christmas present I made for my brother. He loves the saga and I am sure he will go crazy for it. The little lightsaber is made with glow in the dark thread, the arms are jointed and movable and the robe is removable. I bought the pattern from the very talented Lucy of Lucyravenscar  but I modified it a little to reduce the size.
And before wrapping it, I played a little:

The babies had a lot of fun (and the cat too!).

... may the Force be with you ...


  1. How sweet! I just adore your blog, Mariella! Fantastic photos and story. It's good to play, isn't it? :-) xo Jennifer

  2. I like the party scene.
    Bye Faby


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