24 November, 2012

Briciolino Bear

Thank you!!
From the bottom of my heart, for the nice comments you left in my previous posts and to all of you who had the time to come at my table in Madrid to say hello. 
I appreciated it so much, and I have been so happy to finally add a face to a blogger name!
The show was really crowded with a lot of visitors on both days. I started to set up my table on Friday afternoon and at 9pm I was so tired that I could hardly walk to my bed!
The same happened on Saturday and Sunday but I was happy to spend some time with our friends, a dinner with Ale, a chat with Lia and Alma, an aperitif with Ana Victoria and Candi and lots of laughs with Roberta and Patrizia.
The weather in Madrid is always so warmer than here, it seems like being in springtime and on Monday morning we (Lory and me) had a walk in the city.
A nice sun and 20°C what a delight!
As soon as I arrived home I had a nice surprise in my mailbox ... the January issue (#223) of Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine with one of my projects on the cover page:

Briciolino Bear

Briciolino in italian means "little crumb" and it is really as small as a crumb, just 21mm from top of the ears to bottom of feet (without the hat)! 
To make it I used DMC Medici wool and a 0.8mm hook (USA #11). You will find all the instructions step by step to crochet it on page 72 of the magazine. 
It will be a great stocking stuffer item or a nice little present for someone special!

Have Fun!


  1. Adorable little bear! It's nice when your work is published. Congratulations!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. So cute!!! Congratulations on the publishing in Dolls House and Miniature Scene!

  3. Briciolino is adorable. Congratulations on your publication.
    Bye Faby

  4. Congrats on your puplication!!
    The bear is so cute!


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