27 October, 2012

Guinea Pigs!

Right on time for Halloween and Christmas too, here are a couple of little guinea pigs.

The Wicked Witch one:

And the Christmas one:

 The finished size of the little fella is just 8mm tall and 15mm long, see:

If you want to give it a try I wrote down the pattern and is available on Ravelry or Etsy.
Did you noticed the new changes in the "Browse" feature on Etsy? 
First they put the Dolls and Miniatures category under "Children - Toys" (how mad is that?) then (after a gazillion warning emails that miniatures are not toys and may pose a serious choking hazard to small children and pets) they moved it under "Home & Living - Collectibles" ... a perfect way to not find it!!
If you check your items stats did you noticed a drop down of percentage views?
... or it's only me?


  1. Sono entrambi simpaticissimi!
    Ciao Faby

  2. Oh Mariella! These guinea pigs are totally adorable--great job! xo Jennifer

  3. Che simpatici porcellini, adoro le loro zampettine minuscole!
    Riguardo ad etsy mi sa che per noi miniaturisti si prospetta un futuro difficile!

  4. They are so cute!!!!!
    Fantastic work!!

  5. So sweet and cute!
    I plan to open an etsy shop in the future. Your comment about Etsy worries me. I wonder if it is a good idea.


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