30 September, 2012

It's been a while ...

Yup! I did NOT realize that I have been away for SO long.
It's been a while since I last blogged ... it has been a rather stressful past few months and "life" has kept me busy!!
Hubby had the 6th surgery at his right knee (yes, I said 6!) and I had to work as a nurse too (as if I had not enough things to do)!
Did I already mentioned that I will have a stand at the Chicago International next year?
I will be teaching a workshop  "Il pranzo della Domenica - Sunday Lunch" :

It is a remembrance of my childhood, when my mother on Sundays, used to make fresh "Fettuccine" or "Tagliatelle" (and sometimes potato dumplings too). She made them on the kitchen table with her pasta machine and I used to help turning the handle. The ragu sauce was made with fresh tomatoes and minced meat into a terracotta saucepan and used to simmer for at least 1 hour and a half!
On special occasions (Christmas or New Year's Day) she made fresh "Lasagne" with homemade beschamel sauce and I helped "cleaning" (read "lick polished") the pan after she finished the peparation. 
Hmmm, Lasagne, maybe a 2014 workshop? 
(Title: "How to lick polished the beschamel sauce pan" .... LOL)
I am very proud of how the minced meat turned out. I had a severe judge, infact my daughter helped me with her critics: "too much red, too much white, not the right pink ..... > grin <

On August I received the invitation to go to the Hugglets Winter Bear Fest (Sunday 24th February 2013) at Kensington Town Hall in London. I dreamt for a long time to attend a Teddy Bear show and when I received the invitation for the Hugglets Festival I could hardly believe it, the Muffa Bears again in London, how exciting! 

Long overdue post!!

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