21 June, 2012

Pooh, Pixies and Dolls

First of all thank you all for the nice comments on my last post, I so appreciated them!
The news about the little rabbit is that on Saturday morning he will re-gain the freedom. He now is grown enough to join his friends in the wood and live a happily and free life.
Hubby and the kids will take him to the wood with a ranger but I will not be with them because this afternoon I have to leave for Paris.
Christine (the SIMP organizer) mailed me last week that she had a free table (the Nr. 3) and I spent the last two weeks working like a mad to prepare it!
Here is what I came up with:

Do you remember the Bride and Groom bears? Well I made another "wood in a box" for Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore, they are full jointed and movable and Eeyore has a little pink bow on the tail - so funny! I also added tiny butterflies that I made with my wonder hook and sewing thread. 
I love so much how it turned!

 Being in the fairy mood I gave birth to tiny pixies, sleeping in walnuts beds:

The limbs and head are made with cold porcelain and the body is crocheted. I jointed them with very tiny beads, if they move the fun is greater, isn't it?

 I also made little dolls, pixies friends, with chubby funny faces:

There is a lot more to see, so if you are in Paris on Sunday morning, come to the Simp at table Nr. 3 and say hello!

P.S. Last but not least ... spot the strawberry ....


  1. Thank you very much for the wonderful miniature work.

  2. Son todos absolutamente fantasticos!!!
    ......pero me enamore de las muñequitas!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Ciao Mariella,
    sono Angela di Torino ci siamo conosciute l'anno scorso a Parigi...stesso albergo!!!
    Quest'anno non verrò al SIMP così passo a scriverti un commento sulle tue fantastiche creazioni.
    Sono una più bella dell'altra, sei bravissima ma io adoro POOH e i suoi piccoli amici...
    un grande bacio e buona fiera

  4. Wow! What an adorable collection of pixies!
    Stunning work!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. They are all so cute and amazing!! Well done!

  6. Que cositas más lindas, te han quedado preciosos.Da gusto verlos asi todos juntos.
    Precioso trabajo.

  7. я восхищена вашими работами! супер!очень тонкая работа! я тоже стараюсь,но до вас мне пока далеко.

  8. Love the Characters From Winnie The Pooh. I have a soft spot for Eeyore. Hope your having a great time at SIMP. x

  9. My admiration!! Tell me please where I can buy a very small crochet?

    1. Hmmm, I am not very helpful because I buy mine in a shop here nearby. You can try on Etsy or on Ebay searching for "crochet steel hook". The smallest one I have is a fake 0.6mm. The shop owner was not able to sell them because they were too small, a 0.4mm indeed. Her fault my bargain LOL!

  10. Mariella, how do i purchase one of your miniature Eeyores?? I would really love one! (:

    1. I will soon renew my Etsy shop with new miniatures, you can check there if you find something you love.
      Thank you so much for asking.


  11. owwww, what a little cuties! The pixies are just adorable!
    As is the dwarf hare, so cute!
    I raised a baby hare years ago, it had dropped into my cellar through an open window; since then I have a real soft spot for baby hares.
    Did you know you can train them to come and play with you and even go on a cat litter box?


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