21 June, 2012

Pooh, Pixies and Dolls

First of all thank you all for the nice comments on my last post, I so appreciated them!
The news about the little rabbit is that on Saturday morning he will re-gain the freedom. He now is grown enough to join his friends in the wood and live a happily and free life.
Hubby and the kids will take him to the wood with a ranger but I will not be with them because this afternoon I have to leave for Paris.
Christine (the SIMP organizer) mailed me last week that she had a free table (the Nr. 3) and I spent the last two weeks working like a mad to prepare it!
Here is what I came up with:

Do you remember the Bride and Groom bears? Well I made another "wood in a box" for Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore, they are full jointed and movable and Eeyore has a little pink bow on the tail - so funny! I also added tiny butterflies that I made with my wonder hook and sewing thread. 
I love so much how it turned!

 Being in the fairy mood I gave birth to tiny pixies, sleeping in walnuts beds:

The limbs and head are made with cold porcelain and the body is crocheted. I jointed them with very tiny beads, if they move the fun is greater, isn't it?

 I also made little dolls, pixies friends, with chubby funny faces:

There is a lot more to see, so if you are in Paris on Sunday morning, come to the Simp at table Nr. 3 and say hello!

P.S. Last but not least ... spot the strawberry ....

11 June, 2012

Dolls, earthquakes, a rabbit and a lazy cat

It's a while since I do not update this blog - bad me - but the last month has been very busy.
With family issues, three earthquakes, a rescued rabbit and custom orders, not everything in this order!

The Emilia-Romagna region was hit by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake and in the next weeks by other two quakes that killed more than 25 people and forced more than 14.000 to move out of their homes and inflicted heavy damages to centuries-old cultural sites. The tremors caused the greatest loss to Italy's artistic heritage since an earthquake in 1997 ravaged the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi, where the ceiling collapsed.

The shock was clearly felt as far away as here, some 200 kms (125 miles) to the north.
I was having breakfast all alone, hubby was at work, the kids in school and I was sitting at the table watching the news. All of a sudden my table started to move back and forth and guess what? The first thing I thought was "the cat is moving the table"!!! How in the world could a cat move a table?? And I even watched under the table to see if she was there!!!
Aren't cats supposed "to feel" earthquakes? There she was:


Quietly sleeping in my studio, all snuggled up in a box ... !
Totally unreliable!!
The lazy chubby cat during the day sleeps into boxes (and doesn't feel earthquakes) while during the night  goes hunting in the wood (even if her bowl is always full of food!).
Sometimes she comes home with a "present" for her family ... a little mouse, a bird, a dormouse, but this time she came home with this little (dwarf) hare in her mouth.

A new member in our crazy and unusual Family.
The poor little guy was rescued, healed and nursed and as soon as he'll grow a little he will be realeased again in the wood. (When he'll be able to run faster than the cat!!)
In the meanwhile he's living into the cat basket with a lot of fresh and fragrant mountain hay, carrots and salad!

Last but not least some pictures of my latest works. 
I am still in the primitive mood and I am working on dolls:

and mermaids, here is the latest one made with one of my patterns:

And here is the strangest custom order ever ... peanuts!!!

I made a bunch in real size with cotton thread, then coffee stained and starched. 
They have passed my son's quality control ... when I make something new I ask him: "what is this?" and if the answer is the right one I go on with my work! 
"... mommy can I eat them??" 

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