16 April, 2012

... here comes the bride ...

I've finished the bride's veil (yeppie!!) and since this morning I have a tune fixed in my mind ... here comes the bride all dressed in white ... maybe listening to some good rock it will vanish LOL!
By the way here she is, front:

and back:

It really has been a challenge to make something (I really hope nice) on such a small head (did I already mentioned that the head it's just 7mm from ear to ear?). My working table is full of little bits and pieces of any sort of tulle, lace, ribbons, fabric, such a mess! I added little microbeads on the head to keep the lace in place (!) and on the back to give it some weight.

... here comes the bride all dressed in white ...
> stop me! <

14 April, 2012

I do!

I wanted to share with you my latest work.

I called it "I do" because is for a girl who is going to marry, is a gift that her mother commissioned to me.
She's a collector of my miniature animals and I think that she owns quite all the kind of animals I've done since today!

They are 20mm (0.79") tall and full jointed, they move the head and limbs. The little cake is made of cold porcelain and is 10mm tall (0.39"). 
Here is the bride:

(I still have to add some sort of veil to her but she's so small that I have to think to something that fits well!).
 And here is the groom:


10 April, 2012


On 23d June I will teach a workshop at the SIMP (Paris) on how to make a miniature primitive doll.
The little girl has jointed arms and legs and is just 28mm (1.10") tall.

The cost of the workshop is €50 and will last for approx 6 hours (it depends on how quickly you can crochet LOL). You must be able to crochet with a small hook (1.10 mm) and work in rounds.
I will supply all the required material: thread, hook, stuffing, pattern, fabric and coffee too, you only have to bring small sewing scissors.

I will not have a table at the show (I was late in reserving it - silly me!) but  my friend Lory will have some of my items on sale on her table (she's a sweetheart!).

If you don't think you can crochet so small, just tell me when you subscribe and I will provide a bigger hook and a bigger thread.
Ohhhh I am so excited, can't wait to start!!

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