27 March, 2012

I am going Primitive

Ohhh it's a long time since I've posted the last time > I am really a bad blogger <  but I've been busy in everyday life, family and kids.
In the meanwhile I've been bitten by the Pimitive bug. Well, to be true, it's a lot since I've been bitten because in "my other life" (when I was a crafter in real size) I loved to make primitive dolls and patchworks in the cabin lodge and country style, but never thought I could make them in miniature.
I already made some raggedies a few years ago but here's what I come up with in the last few days:

She turned out so weird, didn't she? She is crocheted with white wool and a 1.25mm hook (USA 8 - UK 3) and then coffee stained. (I used Nespresso coffee but George did not help me at all - LOL).
She's made one piece top to bottom and the arms are jointed. Is bigger than the ones I usually make, she's 45mm (1.77"), so I made another one, a little one:

Looks like a little plucked birdie! I did not coffee stained her because my son said she was cute as is, he said "so ugly cute"!
I am working on some others, pictures will come (as soon as I find the time to download them from the camera!!).


  1. So cute they make me smile!

  2. awwww...they're so cute! SO amazing how you can crochet something this small. I tried several times, but my lack of patience has stopped me. xoxo, AMy

  3. So adorable!

  4. Mariella mi fanno impazzire le tue piccole creature!!!! Geniale come sempre!
    Bacioni ;o))


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