24 August, 2011

An Update ...

Life has been so busy during July and now we already are at the end of August, ohh how fast time goes!
As soon as I come back from Paris I received an email from Charlotte saying that I was admitted to the Kensington Dollhouse Festival of December, yeah, now I have to work hard for the next months (I will post later my table number).
I leaved for the sea with the kids on the first half of July and I am lucky enough to be still here.
We hadn't a great time on July, rough sea and cloudy and rainy days, here is a view from our front window:

On August the weather is wonderful even if during these days is too hot (35° C) so we are home till 5 p.m. (making minis - me - and homework - the kids), and at the shore till 8.30 p.m.
Here is the view from our rear window:


On July it was also my birthday and look what I found while I was food shopping on that day: 

I also have two heart shaped M&M's (well to be true I only have pictures of them because ... hem ... yes, I am greedy) and a bunch of heart shaped stones.
And last but not least here is what I made (and am making right now):

Dollies!!! I made them with cold porcelain and my wonder hook. They are full jointed and movable, the head turns and the arms and legs move, I think they are funny, aren't they?

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