03 September, 2011

Miniature dolls and jointed sock monkeys

I made another batch of little dolls:


and two sock monkeys:

These two little boys are full jointed and movable, the head turns and the limbs move so they can stand or seat. They are able to stand on their own because of the long tail that helps a lot.
The dolls are full jointed too but have no tail LOL!!!
The sock monkeys are still waiting for a good home (they are here) while the little dolls will come with me in Arnhem in October (even if I don't know if I will be able to part with them)!
I am also working on pumpkins and gourds but I will post pictures as soon as I make them a little body!

P.S. which is the right way to write the word sock monkey? Sock Monkey or Sockmonkey?
Suggestions are welcome ....

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