24 August, 2011

An Update ...

Life has been so busy during July and now we already are at the end of August, ohh how fast time goes!
As soon as I come back from Paris I received an email from Charlotte saying that I was admitted to the Kensington Dollhouse Festival of December, yeah, now I have to work hard for the next months (I will post later my table number).
I leaved for the sea with the kids on the first half of July and I am lucky enough to be still here.
We hadn't a great time on July, rough sea and cloudy and rainy days, here is a view from our front window:

On August the weather is wonderful even if during these days is too hot (35° C) so we are home till 5 p.m. (making minis - me - and homework - the kids), and at the shore till 8.30 p.m.
Here is the view from our rear window:


On July it was also my birthday and look what I found while I was food shopping on that day: 

I also have two heart shaped M&M's (well to be true I only have pictures of them because ... hem ... yes, I am greedy) and a bunch of heart shaped stones.
And last but not least here is what I made (and am making right now):

Dollies!!! I made them with cold porcelain and my wonder hook. They are full jointed and movable, the head turns and the arms and legs move, I think they are funny, aren't they?


  1. These are so super sweet!


  2. Absolutely adorable! You do great work.

  3. hola amiga,felicidadessssss,y esa munequita de poreclana preciosasssssss,me encanto que manos tienes,te deje regalito en mi blog,de cumple te dejo bechitos

  4. Que bien que vas a la feria!
    Tus vacaciones con los hijos: estupendas.
    Las muñecas una preciosidad. Muchos abrazos, You are a MASTER!

  5. omg yaaaaaaaaay!!! for Kensington!
    *runs it grabs Mariella and turns her around in the air*


    And cute dollies as well :D

  6. Your new dollies are very cute. I love them.

  7. bellissime, come sempre :o)

  8. Semplicemente adorabile!!

  9. ¡¡ que bonita es la muñequita preciosa !!
    felicidades !!

    .. * . (\ *** /) * . * Un besito
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . cielo
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . que tengas
    .* . * . /___\ * . . un buen dia

  10. Thank you so much girls for your nice comments *hearts*


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