12 June, 2011

Madrid Pictures

As promised here are some pictures I took in Madrid for the Bishop's Miniature Show last May.
Here is my table, spot the guest, Angie come to say hello:

And here is the one of Lory (Lory's Tiny Creations) my "Friend in Fairs":

Then here are some pictures of our neighbour's table, a spanish miniaturist who makes mini food, her name is Candi Martin:

On the other side we had a very nice lady from UK, Karon Cunningham:

And last but not least here is a picture of the Hotel's corridor, our room key demagnetized and Lory is waiting for me, in front of our room ...

.... it remembers something ... doesn't it?

"Here's Johnny!"


  1. oh how much fun!! i wish to go to a show too!

  2. Wow - how nice to see these pics. I just wish you had taken close ups of your own work too!! There is stuff there that I think I have not seen...like on the green shelf. Anyway, glad you had a fun time. And BTW - you look so pretty and happy :)

  3. Minnie, It's a real fun, you know a lot of new people and see a lot of miniatures and no one that looks at you like an alien if you only speak about miniatures!!

  4. Christine, I had no green shelf .... do you mean the one next to the patterns? If so I had ... mini pigs!! Oh and mini mice into pots. And thank you so much for your kind words, I have my hormones that are playing tennis since a while and I don't feel the same me (chubby, chubby, chubby) LOL

  5. Oh yes, I did mean that one. Guess it looked green cause of all the green grassy items on it. Trying to think if I have seen your mice in pots before...?

  6. Christine, take a peek at the new post ....


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