19 May, 2011

Embroidery ....

I am leaving for Madrid for the Bishop's Dollhouse Miniature Show and before the take off I wanted to show you my latest works.
I am in the embroidery mood right now so I made a lot of works with my mini needle.
First here are bath towels, they are made like the ones my granny had when she got married, mine are cotton hers were linen (but it was such a trouble to iron them!).

The little stitches are less than 1mm high (yes, I know, it was a challenge!)
And what about samplers? They are cross stitched and hubby made me the frames:

And last but not least pillows!

If you want to come and say Hello the show is open:

Saturday, 21 May - 1pm - 8pm
Sunday, 22 May - 11am - 4pm


  1. What a treat to wake up to this post and see all the beautiful things you have made! Hope the trip to Madrid is fun and prosperous - take pictures if you have the time! Love you! ~Christine

  2. Lovely! Like the black and white pillows. Very special.
    Good luck!

  3. Lovely samplers and cushions!

  4. Christine I will take the camera hope not to forget the battery like I did the last time!

  5. Thank you so much other Christine, finger crossed!


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