18 March, 2011

Cactus, Cacti and Succulents

Hellooo, I am very sorry for the long absence but life is just so busy and sometimes my priorities have to lie elsewhere.
But now I'm here and I want to show you something that is making me happy at the moment:

Cactus, cacti and succulents have been my passion since when I was a little child.
I think that I inherited this passion from my granny. She was a very special person and had an extraordinary "green thumb" for all kind of plants and flowers and not only cacti.
She was always my first fan and supporter when I decided to focus on a new hobby and I think that she would have gone crazy for these miniature cacti.
I crocheted them with a 1.0 mm hook (US size #10) and Finca Cotton thread #12, I did not follow a pattern and they are all made free hand.
Next week I will be at the Dollhouse Miniature Show in Arnhem (The Netherlands) and I will bring a lot of them with me.
Not only, as I think they are very easy to make, I decided to make some kits to sell at the show. I just hope the little wooden pots I bought for the kits arrive on time safe and sound here to me.
Hmmmm why it always takes so many time for things to arrive here in Italy? Who knows ...


  1. Hello Mariella,
    I love your little cacti!!! I'm one of the lucky ones that will visit the dollhouseshow in Arnhem. And I will definitely come to look at your miniatures!!!

  2. Mamma mia Mariella sono stupendi!!!
    Veramente deliziosi, simpatici e così realistici!!
    Un abbraccio

  3. Thank you so much Geneviève ;O)

    Monique I will be at table nr. D52, come and say hello!

    Grazie Mariarita, un abbraccio anche a te!

  4. These are amazing, being from Arizona I see a lot of Cactus and these are just perfect!

  5. Mariella, they look so great! I can't believe it's possible to crochet so tiny! I love all of your creations so much, you're so talented!
    Greetings, Pia

  6. Lucky you Carri, that would be a dream for me ;O)

    Thank you so much Pia, your are so kind!

  7. I adore the cacti! They are so darn cute :)
    I will definitely see you next weekend! I've been saving my money for the Arnhem show and your work is simply irresistable ;)

  8. This is some of my favorite work of yours! Makes me happy just to see them :)

  9. Fantasticas!!!
    Absolutamente reales!!!!
    besitos ascension

  10. Grazie again for the two lovely cacti that I now own! I'll tend to them with love and care.
    I've blogged about the show and your stand on my blog here:

  11. Lea, thank you so much for coming to see me at the show and for buying two cacti. You did a wonderful post about the show, and the pictures are great. If you'll come again in October I'll be glad to offer you a cup of tea!

  12. WOW Mariella, sono bellissimi! Li ho messi tra i miei preferiti di flickr. Belli da matti! li ho fatti vedere in famiglia e sono piaciuti a tutti, dal più piccolo alla più grande! la nostra esperta di famiglia, per l'uncinetto, ha già detto che proverà a rifarli, più grandi... la fatina delle miniature non può essere eguagliata! Ninetta.

  13. hola amiga,que bellezas de cautus,me gustan mucho ,con tu permiso,me copiare muchos,felicidades,te dejo bechitos

  14. sono uno spettacolo !!!!!
    bravissima :o)

  15. Hello my lovely!
    Your crochet work is absolutely brilliant! I hope you don't mind, but I shared a link to one of your photos today on my blog. Love what you do, you are so inspiring!

    Sending love
    Julia x

  16. Just saw you in a link from the Being Creative blog ~ I love you're little creations! I too have a passion for all things tiny, so you can imagine how excited I am too see your wee little goodies! ~ I sort of chuckled to myself when I thought of the teeny granny square I made last week, and how I thought it wasn't half bad...:)))
    GREAT stuff! Happy Creating!!

  17. Just saw your cacti in a tweet by @thecrochetdude.

    These are absolutely adorable! I'm a cactophile and a crocheter myself. I can't manage the smaller hooks anymore because of arthritis, but this makes me want to get out a larger hook and make some crocheted cacti of my own. :)


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