18 March, 2011

Cactus, Cacti and Succulents

Hellooo, I am very sorry for the long absence but life is just so busy and sometimes my priorities have to lie elsewhere.
But now I'm here and I want to show you something that is making me happy at the moment:

Cactus, cacti and succulents have been my passion since when I was a little child.
I think that I inherited this passion from my granny. She was a very special person and had an extraordinary "green thumb" for all kind of plants and flowers and not only cacti.
She was always my first fan and supporter when I decided to focus on a new hobby and I think that she would have gone crazy for these miniature cacti.
I crocheted them with a 1.0 mm hook (US size #10) and Finca Cotton thread #12, I did not follow a pattern and they are all made free hand.
Next week I will be at the Dollhouse Miniature Show in Arnhem (The Netherlands) and I will bring a lot of them with me.
Not only, as I think they are very easy to make, I decided to make some kits to sell at the show. I just hope the little wooden pots I bought for the kits arrive on time safe and sound here to me.
Hmmmm why it always takes so many time for things to arrive here in Italy? Who knows ...

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