18 January, 2011

New Pattern: Baby Sock Monkey

I was asked some time ago to make a miniature baby sock monkey.
I LOOOVE sock monkeys!!
Even if I have never had one I think that they are so funny.
The customer was so happy with her new baby sock monkey, that I thought I could make a pattern out of it.
The one I made was smaaaaaller than the one of the new pattern, but as you know I am insane when I challenge myself in going smaller and smaller.
This one is crocheted with a 0.8mm hook and #12 cotton thread and is very easy to make (or so I suppose).
The worst part of making it was taking pictures!
It's a week since we have fog here and even if outside there's a nice light, taking pictures inside is a nightmare!
Finally here is what I came up with:

03 January, 2011

All tidy up!

This afternoon I decided it was time to clean and tidy up my working table (ok, I know, we will have a snow storm in the next days) and I had fun taking some pictures.
I have a little dollhouse shelf on my table where I put not only the miniatures from other artists that "inspire" me, but also some prototypes of the minis I make that I love most.
Well, everything was clean, there was a nice light coming from outside so I just added a doily, a dime for comparison, some pigs and some bears.
Here they are, enjoy:

Long overdue post!!

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