06 October, 2010

Pumpkins Galore!

Just on time for Halloween here is my Pumpkins Patch:

And as a comparison size, here is my left finger:

And one dime:

My friend Lory made me this nice pulltoy and the little mushrooms:

These guys are tall 24 to 30 mm and I made them with a 0.8mm hook and DMC cotton thread.
It all started with a little orange ball that had to be a mini smiling pumpkin, but then I thought "what if I add two legs and arms?".
I was so inspired that I also bought a real pumpkin this morning and cooked "pumpkin ravioli" this evening ... yummy!!


  1. Oh no! Too cute!Impossible!

  2. Super cute and lovely inspiration....I love it....and soooolittle....cutie!!!!
    love your blog!

  3. Hola Mariella, como siempre, fabulosos tus tejidos, y esos colores me han gustado mucho, saludos desde México.

  4. marònna!!!!!!!!! che carini!!!!!
    che fantasia, mai e poi mai avrei immaginato di vedere delle micro zucche all'uncinetto..
    sono simpaticissmi! bravissima!!!!!!!!!!
    baci, Caterina

  5. Awwwwwww!!!! I remember your little punkin' head from last year Mariella. They are adorable! I love how you gave the one little guy vines on his head. The pumpkin pull toy and mushrooms that your friend Lory made are really cute too!!! I just checked out her etsy store - some really neat stuff there!!
    Hmmm, pumpkin ravioli? I've never had it, but it does actually sound pretty good.

  6. Sooooo cute! And tiny! Your work is really fantastic.

  7. Adorable, Love your little Pumpkins xxx

  8. I simply love your little pumpkin people. They are really cute. Congratulations!

  9. Que maravilloso trabajos!!!
    Halloween se acerca!!!!
    besitos ascension

  10. ¡Adorable! Un trabajo muy dificil porque el hilo es muy fino. Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  11. Cuteness overload! You do such adorable things. My admiration is a big as your creations are tiny! ;)

  12. Mariella, They are so darling!! I love your work!!! Lory gave you some darling toys too.

  13. Tus manos con el ganchillos son increibles y además unidas a tu cretividad una maravilla.


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