26 September, 2010

A busy bee

I've been a busy bee this summer, even if when kids are home from school my time for mini making is so few.
I was able to write some new patterns, here is a little baby doll that is small enough (32mm tall) to sleep into a matchbox:

She has movable arms but she's nice even if the arms don't move, isn't she?
A little toadstool boy that I loved to photograph with some toadstools made by my friend Lory (she makes the most wonderful fairy items I've ever seen, take a peek at her shop here).
Hmmm I think that my love for toadstools is becoming an obsession!

Oh and the little snail is made by me too and it's just 8mm tall!
And last but not least a little gnome. I first made it without beard, but gnomes do have beard, don't they? So as I could not decide in which way he was nicer, I made it with a removable beard!

Before and after ... a young gnome and an older one made with the same pattern!
As a busy bee I also made a tutorial on CDHM on how to make a miniature paper butterfly:

This tutorial will probably be published on the next issue of "The Miniature Way" so take a peek if you are interested.
Now I have to work like a mad because I will attend the Dollhouse Miniature Fair in Madrid next November and I have not yet made anything for the show! Good, uh?

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