02 July, 2010

Gosh, no winner for the contest?

Ops, it seems that something went wrong with my "Let's play a game" because when I click on the Top Ten button there are no names!!!
I love new tech but sometimes the old way is the better way!
So if you want to have the chance to have that little goldfish, put your name on the "Comments" to this post, this Sunday (4th of July) I'll put all the names into a bowl and the winner will get the little goldfish!!
Hurry up ......


  1. hope to be fished out
    joan in italy

  2. I hope to win the goldfish too. Your work is truly amazing.

  3. Bowled over by this little fella'. Hope he comes and swims in my bowl. I can't get much below 40's cotton, have difficulty finding where to place hook if in anything other than a chain loop!

  4. Hi Mariella,I would love to see your goldfish,miniregards from Spain,Sonia

  5. I'm entering, your work is so beautiful!

  6. Ohh yes I want to play too:))Lovely!!

  7. Hola Mariela!!, sería un sueño hecho realidad que el premio se viniera a México :P, y si no...
    Me gratifica seguir tu blog, ¡tus trabajos son preciosos y excelentes!,
    saludos desde México.

    Mr =)

  8. Ooh! I'd love to win your goldfish! He can sit on my desk by my two real goldfishies :)

  9. I hope it isn't too late! :S it may be I just saw this blog post. Thats what I get for waking up so late! Hello Mariella!!! <3 Iza


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