16 June, 2010


I've been busy making again something that is incredibly tiny.
Here is a micro Eeyore which is JUST 9 mm long from head to tail.
It is 5 ways jointed, the legs and head turn and I swear, I used no Photoshop in these pictures (ha ha, I have a shrinking gun, indeed!)

Next another micro guy, a little pink bear (always 5 ways jointed), 10 mm tall, which is now on Ebay

These two guys are a little bigger, 20 mm tall the first one and 22 mm tall Pooh.

This baby boy (well it looks like a boy for me) is 20 mm tall too and has jointed arms so he'll be able to hug his new mommy. The little diaper is removable (the best thing with dolls is that you can undress them, can't you?) and I also made him a little blanket and a cradle.
He's on Ebay too (come take a peek and say hello).

And last but not least a funny little Raggedy Ann doll 22 mm tall with her blanket. She's on her way to Hong Kong to meet her new mommy. (I still can't believe it ... the first mini Muffa in Hong Kong!!).


  1. OOOOOh!! incredible!! So so cute and small!! is a great work, congrats!

  2. Fantastic! Wonderful!

  3. Ooooooh Myyyyyyy Goooooooooooood!!! I LOVE the Micro Eyore especially!!! So so so adorable, Mariella!

  4. So cute and incredible!


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