10 April, 2010

New Website.

Hey hey, wait ... I did not post for ages and now two posts in two days ... what's the matter?

I've created a new website in flash and as I wanted to redirect the old one to the new one, I just wanted to have some feedback before making a mess.

I have a fast connection and not a dial up so I was wondering if a site in flash could be a problem.

Moreover, do you prefer the old one (that I still have to update) or the new one?

So, don't be shy and let me know what you think.


  1. Hey there Mariella!!! I just changed your link on my blog so that it will now go to your new website (which I LOVE, by the way). Hope that's okay. I prefer the new one, but if you decide to go with the old one, let me know. I hope it was okay for me to post a pic of my little raspberry jam bear - I didn't even think to ask anyone first. I'm new at this blogging-not sure of the proper etiquette, LOL.

  2. Hi Mariella
    I prefer definitively the new one. It's very nice: lovely and clear.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Mariella! The new site is great!

    I love all your new creations too!

  4. Hi Mariella! The new site is so wonderful! It is easy to follow and to read and I love it! I have book marked it so that I can get to it :)



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