08 April, 2010

Bad bad girl!!

Yeah, I'm really a bad girl for not writing for so long ... but I've been busy!
Look what I made:

I think they can be considered "nano" bears because micro is not enough!
They are just 10mm tall and full jointed.
This means that they can move the head, arms and legs!
I do not use a magnifyier but I think that probably I need new glasses!
Hmmm ... it's not the age (I still feel 25 in my heart) but probably the fact that I work late at night under the light of a lamp! And what about the fact that I'm mad enough to make such mini things?
BTW when I have to relax my eyesight I make mini blankets, mini baskets and mini purses:

... that, of course, I have to fill with something.
And here is the "something" for the pink bag:

And the something for the yellow one:

... and yes, lately I'm in the bear mood!


  1. This are beyond amazing- you must have fantastic eyesight! I cannot believe they are jointed too!!! I am in awe! Everything is all so cute!!

  2. Thank you Kim, you're so kind!

  3. oh mamma!! ma sono microscopici!!!!
    non ti vengono i crampi alle mani nel farli?? ah ah!!
    sei bravissima! di più, sei straordinaria!!!
    saluti dalla calda Italia...
    io sto in Puglia, e tu?
    baci, Caterina

  4. OMG!!!! Mariella, you are Crazy!!!! (but in a good way :) ). I can't believe how incredibly tiny those first two little guys are!!! Sooooo cute!
    And the little yellow and pink ones are adorable with their little buttons!


  5. WOW!! Your work is incredible, i hardly can make the normal size ones. To see your work just makes me happy and keeps me motivated to continue improving. Thanks a lot! A Hug from Mexico

  6. Bravo!!!
    Continua siendo, very good Bad!!!

  7. Wauw...fantastic ..micro bear.

    Greetings Lisette

  8. Es una maravilla que paciencia.
    Fantastico!!! olé y olé !!!

  9. Super cute I love them...and sooo tiny:) Will you come to Paris this summer?

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. It's amazing and very cute.

  12. Your work is just plain mind boggling! To make them that tiny is wild enough, but fully articulated?!?! Wow!

  13. Ciao Caterina, io abito vicino a Milano, in una casa dietro ad un bosco che è anche riserva naturale. Sarà per questo che sono così ispirata?
    I crampi mi vengono non per farli così piccoli ma per tenerli in mano mentre lavoro!!

  14. Kristy, thank you! We should plan another swap, I'm in need of one of your possums!!

  15. Laura, Maria, Lisette and Maria ... thank you so much!!

  16. Christel, sadly I will not be in Paris in June ... boohooo, when I asked to subscribe the show was already full booked!!
    Maybe next year ....

  17. Thank you Geneviève and Anna for your nice commets!

  18. Estoy conociendo tu blog , y realmente me quedo sin palabras O =
    Tan pequeñitos ¿como logras tejer tan mini y tan adorable?

  19. Wow your work is tiny i have made some of my crochet small but i just dont know how you have gone that small they are incredible
    Sara x :o)


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