29 January, 2010

The better way to start the New Year

Oh gosh, 2010 is already here, can you believe it??
I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start!
I tried to start in the best way making something that can be considered "totally insane".
My son is so fascinated by nesting dolls. I often find him playing with a Matrioska doll that my father bought me when I was a child, hiding all kind of stuff into the dolls.
He's a sort of a little pack rat that always finds interesting things (in his opinion) in my studio's trash basket!
So, looking at the littlest Matrioska I decided to make a crocheted one, and she turned out soooo small:

Yeah, that's the top of my finger and the little doll is just 10mm tall (0.39"), I can even breath her! She's made with a 0.4mm hook, that means something as thin as a little pin, and sewing thread.
Needless to say, I had to hide her from my son's little fingers!


  1. I'm speachless - soooo cute, beautiful, unbeliveable

    -> grande Miracoli :-)

  2. Oh heavens that is small! beautiful work:)

  3. Ma dai!!!!!!!! è una meraviglia veramente.....molto meglio di come l'immaginavo ...e sei riuscita a fare anche i fiorellini così piccoli...sei davvero superbrava...Alla prossima...Rosy

  4. Bellissima !!!! Ci vediamo a Miniaturitalia ???

  5. It's amazing and stunning ! Congratulations. You managed to put so many details on such a small doll. I love it.

  6. Oh my goodness!!! That is so amazing, I cannot imagine how you make somthing that tiny....excellent!!!


  7. oh wow so impressive!!
    I love matriochka dolls as well :)

  8. that's amazing! It's like the lady who knitted the tiny coraline sweater for the doll in the movie! True skill!

  9. WOW!!! She is just exquisite! So incredibly tiny, you are very clever!


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