30 September, 2009

Everything has gone ....

A few weeks ago the hard drive of my computer has collapsed!
This is a nightmare that you never think can happen to you too, well, so I thought.
The result is that I lost everything I had on it because (of course) I had no back up. All my pictures, files, patterns, e-mails, mailing list, connection ...... everything has gone!!
I've cried for quite a week!
Now I have to restart ... lesson learned!

Here is a miniature Blue Bird which is on auction, (just click on the picture to see it).


  1. Oh Mariella!
    That sounds awful!
    Many hugs to you!

    And get an external hard drive for backup!! (we've got 2 ;))


  2. Oh Mariella! What a tragedy! I know it can't be fun to rebuild years worth of computer files....so sorry!

  3. Guess what I wrote in my wish list for Christmas? A new external hard disk of 1TB ... hope that Santa will receive my letter!


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