06 July, 2009

Guinea Pigs!

I know, this is not the right season to work with wool yarn (here is very hot) but when the inspiration comes ...
I was asked to make a little guinea pig so I turned the cooler on and here is what I came up with:

They are funny and so addictive! Four ways jointed and poseables, and I also made little baskets or bags where they can sleep. I will sell some in my Etsy shop, as I had some inactive listings to use.

Did you know that Guinea Pigs have tails? You can't see it, but they do. Their "tail" is just a tail vertebrate, but I love to figure them with a little "hamster" tail, after all they're part of my Unusual Fantasy Funny Animals. Aren't they?


  1. WAAAA! I love them!!!

  2. Es muy lindo todo lo que haces!!!! te felicito!

  3. Oooh! Want!! Alice and Eleonore would love to have another pet :P


  4. Hola!!!!!!!!!!!Me encantan tus muñequitos, son una preciosidad.besitos desde España.ascension

  5. awww! they are so cute, wish i could make stuff like that they are stunnig i love them x

  6. Thank you for your nice comments.
    Guinea pigs are so relaxing to make, I can use a bigger hook than what I usually use ... a 0.8mm!

  7. I love piglets!
    But they have as much tail as humans have :S. So I prefer them without a tail.

  8. can i buy the last one? or order one that is a replica of my guinea pigs?

  9. Melissa they all have been already adopted but you can contact me at the mail on the right column under the profile.
    Thank you so much for asking.


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