29 July, 2009

Hooks, patterns and monkeys!

The most frequently question I've been asked is "how small is your hook ?" and when I say 0.5mm the answer is "ohhh". But if you see a picture of a 0.5mm the answer is "ohhhhhhhhhh"!!
It's like a little pin (and it hurts too like a pin!). Now, as I want to hear your "ohhhhhhhhhh", here is a picture of the hook and the thread I use when I make my minis:

I wrote a new pattern of a full jointed (5 ways) sock monkey, with movable limbs and head (it is on sale in my Etsy shop). Here is a picture of the little guy:

The sock monkey is made with Finca cotton thread but I always say that if you use a smaller hook and thread you'll make a smaller guy, so here are the pieces of the same sock monkey made with the same pattern but with a 0.5mm hook and sewing thread:

It's very small, isn't it?

And finally here it is! Same pattern, smaller sock monkey!

The minis in the MUFFA world are happy to meet the new guy ... meoooow!

06 July, 2009

Guinea Pigs!

I know, this is not the right season to work with wool yarn (here is very hot) but when the inspiration comes ...
I was asked to make a little guinea pig so I turned the cooler on and here is what I came up with:

They are funny and so addictive! Four ways jointed and poseables, and I also made little baskets or bags where they can sleep. I will sell some in my Etsy shop, as I had some inactive listings to use.

Did you know that Guinea Pigs have tails? You can't see it, but they do. Their "tail" is just a tail vertebrate, but I love to figure them with a little "hamster" tail, after all they're part of my Unusual Fantasy Funny Animals. Aren't they?

01 July, 2009

Picnic at 100 Akres Wood

Three friends are having a picnic at the 100 Akres wood.
The sun is shining and the food is yummy, let's sing together a happy song:

Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!
Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!
I don't much mind if it rains or snows,
'Cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice new nose!
I don't care if it snows or thaws,
'Cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice clean paws!
Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!
Sing Ho! for the life of a Pooh!
And I'll have a little something in an hour or two!

The three funny guys are crocheted with sewing thread and a 0.5mm hook. Pooh bear is 15mm tall, Piglet is 19mm tall and Eeyore is 10mm tall. They all are 5 ways thread jointed so they can move the head and the limbs, more fun in posing them!
They are having a picnic at the 100 Akres Wood between toadstools and butterflies eating some yummy food on a green gingham blanket.

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