24 June, 2009

Hello Kitty's House

I'm finally back from the Paris show SIMP!
I met such gifted miniaturist there and it was so nice to see in person people that I just knew on the web. Happy faces to add to a name!
Still have to show some works that will be soon on sale in my CDHM Gallery or in my Esty shop.
In a previous post I showed you a little Hello Kitty, well here is the quarter scale house I made just for her:

I bought the house on Ebay but it arrived broken! Someone at the custom must have opened the packet and let the house fall. So I decided to restyle it and make a new one for my little Kitty.
New wallpaper, new floor, new furniture, all the stuff on the shelves is removable (I used mini hold to stick it) and the micro box opens too .... everything in the Muffa style!


  1. So cute! Do tell, where did you get the plates and cookie jar?

  2. The plates are made of paper, well shaped with a ball pointed tool and then varnished, and the little cookie jar is made with polymer clay. These and the little cake are the only two things that were in the original house. I made all the other stuff with polymer clay and paper. I've found a site on the web (http://littlecatwhitewhite.com/) with a lot of printable minis, you just have to shrink them to the right size.

  3. Super cute, and the house looks wonderful, I saw the article about you in Interweave Crochet!

  4. I love crochette things, i love handmade... that's why i love your creation and i impressed with your creativity...
    I am Anita Yan from Jogja Indonesia. if you drop by to Indonesia, pls come to my place at Jogja... we can be a good friend each other...



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