14 June, 2009

Gnomes and turtles!

Sometimes ideas come in the strangest way! I made a very little terrarium and needed something to put inside it because it seemed "empty". As I usually work in the evening (well, I'd better say night) I went to sleep with that "little something" in mind and ... voilĂ  I dreamt about gnomes and turtles! So here they are, made with polymer clay, the smallest gnomes (just 4mm tall):

and the smallest turtle (just 6mm long):

and here is the terrarium:


  1. Mariella, I love the little turtle! So adorable! And the final display is perfect! :)

  2. Mariella - so glad I discovered you have a blog! Will look forward to hearing tales of your success after the SIMP show!

  3. Mariella!
    I love yours mini mini gnomes!
    They are so lovely!
    And yours crocheted dolls too are an amazing job!

  4. These look great! I'm super impressed, you should do something like that but a mini fish tank!

  5. SSOOOO CUTE! I so want to make one! (or more... :D)

  6. una maravilla de trabajo..¡¡me encantaria verlo de verdad!


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