24 June, 2009

Hello Kitty's House

I'm finally back from the Paris show SIMP!
I met such gifted miniaturist there and it was so nice to see in person people that I just knew on the web. Happy faces to add to a name!
Still have to show some works that will be soon on sale in my CDHM Gallery or in my Esty shop.
In a previous post I showed you a little Hello Kitty, well here is the quarter scale house I made just for her:

I bought the house on Ebay but it arrived broken! Someone at the custom must have opened the packet and let the house fall. So I decided to restyle it and make a new one for my little Kitty.
New wallpaper, new floor, new furniture, all the stuff on the shelves is removable (I used mini hold to stick it) and the micro box opens too .... everything in the Muffa style!

14 June, 2009

Gnomes and turtles!

Sometimes ideas come in the strangest way! I made a very little terrarium and needed something to put inside it because it seemed "empty". As I usually work in the evening (well, I'd better say night) I went to sleep with that "little something" in mind and ... voilĂ  I dreamt about gnomes and turtles! So here they are, made with polymer clay, the smallest gnomes (just 4mm tall):

and the smallest turtle (just 6mm long):

and here is the terrarium:

10 June, 2009

Hellooo Kitty!

This is probably the tiniest Hello Kitty I've ever made, just 16mm tall!

I'm also doing some little furniture in a quarter scale, and she feels so comfy in it, with a little table and a teapot, to have a cup of tea with friends.

And here are some other teapots, Teapots at Fingertips!

06 June, 2009


I LOVE mushrooms and in all my dioramas there are little mushrooms and butterflies too.
This time I made very small ones, just like the head of a pin.
Here is a row of a "work in progress" mushrooms:

I also made some to use as a chair, it is well known that fairies sit on mushrooms, isn't it?
I used wooden door knobs, paint, nail lacquer and of course butterflies:

and my working table is messier and messier ....

Long overdue post!!

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