24 April, 2009


I will be posting every Friday on the CDHM Blog and, as I want to become a good girl, I'll try to post in my Blog too.
Here the Friday has already gone as it's late at night (or early Saturday morning), and as usual I'm late!
I'm in the fairy mood and here is what I've finished this evening, a little fairy bear just 25mm tall with silk wings, she's on sale in my Esty shop:

"Bracken Bell"
She is a cheerful sprite.
She lives in fields where wild flowers and poppies grow.
She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup on midsummer's eve.
She dresses in leafy bracken-green.
She has gentle green and yellow butterfly wings.

1 comment:

  1. ¡¡ Bellisimos trabajos Mariella!!
    me he quedado enamorada de todos ellos !!
    eres una grandisima artista !!
    felicidades por todos tus trabajos
    un beso,que tengas un buen dia


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