17 December, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sorry fo not posting but I've been sooo busy during this month!
My son has started his first year of primary school and last Saturday they had the Christmas Bazaar.
So, as a good crafter, and as I wanted him to be proud of his mom, I made a gazillion things for them to sell.
I made patchwork aprons, crocheted bears and amigurumi key chains, not micros of course, or it would have taken too much time to fill just a little table!
I love to work from time to time in "normal size", it's so relaxing!
So, as I was well relaxed I made some micro elves. My elves comes in different shapes and colors but usually they all have funny faces. And then I had a lot of fun taking some weird pictures.
Here they are:

They are made in a quarter scale (1:48) with sewing thread and a 0.5mm hook.

The little toys are made by Cindy and the teapot, cakes and carrots by Lory.

I wish you a super Happy and Wonderful Christmas!

17 November, 2009

Where have I been?

I was going to write and noticed that my last post was on October, wow, where have I been till now?
We've had the flu (me and the kids) and, as I was asked to make a rooster, I also made a lot of attempts to reach the shape I wanted.
Moreover I'm also involved in the making of Christmas stuff for my son's school bazaar of 12th December, and there are a lot of things to do.

Here are the pictures of the rooster I made:

I made it jointing 10 tiny pieces to reach the height of 16mm and it is even smaller in person!
The feathers of the tail are two different colors and the legs are made of thread too. It was a little tricky to make it stand but with a touch of magic .....
What do you think?

13 October, 2009


It's official, I'm a gnome collector!
I read somewhere that when you have three or more of a certain object, you may have begun a collection without knowing it!
So, I did not know but I'm a gnome collector.
I'm still keeping the gnomes I made a few time ago (and they are more than three) and finally I made a pocket baby gnome and wrote down the pattern (available in my Etsy shop).
Usually my little animals come out from my hands as I go, and I (always) forget to write down how I did it, but I've been asked so many times for patterns that now I work with a hook in one hand and a pen in the other.
To give a sense to what I write ... well this is another story ...

07 October, 2009

Is mini making dangerous?

I was wondering it this morning.
I went food shopping and needed bitter chocolate for a cake I wanted to make this evening. As I'm allergic to wheat I have to read all the ingredients and alas, they where written in such a small font that I could not read them!
I had to put the chocolate box sooo far from my eyes to read it.
Am I getting old (!?) or is it mini making?
To be true it is since I started to make such small animals:

that I have to wear glasses!
When I attended the SIMP fair I had a magnifying on the table to allow people to take a closer look to my mini animals.
Why there's not a magnifying on supermarket shelves?

30 September, 2009

Everything has gone ....

A few weeks ago the hard drive of my computer has collapsed!
This is a nightmare that you never think can happen to you too, well, so I thought.
The result is that I lost everything I had on it because (of course) I had no back up. All my pictures, files, patterns, e-mails, mailing list, connection ...... everything has gone!!
I've cried for quite a week!
Now I have to restart ... lesson learned!

Here is a miniature Blue Bird which is on auction, (just click on the picture to see it).

29 July, 2009

Hooks, patterns and monkeys!

The most frequently question I've been asked is "how small is your hook ?" and when I say 0.5mm the answer is "ohhh". But if you see a picture of a 0.5mm the answer is "ohhhhhhhhhh"!!
It's like a little pin (and it hurts too like a pin!). Now, as I want to hear your "ohhhhhhhhhh", here is a picture of the hook and the thread I use when I make my minis:

I wrote a new pattern of a full jointed (5 ways) sock monkey, with movable limbs and head (it is on sale in my Etsy shop). Here is a picture of the little guy:

The sock monkey is made with Finca cotton thread but I always say that if you use a smaller hook and thread you'll make a smaller guy, so here are the pieces of the same sock monkey made with the same pattern but with a 0.5mm hook and sewing thread:

It's very small, isn't it?

And finally here it is! Same pattern, smaller sock monkey!

The minis in the MUFFA world are happy to meet the new guy ... meoooow!

06 July, 2009

Guinea Pigs!

I know, this is not the right season to work with wool yarn (here is very hot) but when the inspiration comes ...
I was asked to make a little guinea pig so I turned the cooler on and here is what I came up with:

They are funny and so addictive! Four ways jointed and poseables, and I also made little baskets or bags where they can sleep. I will sell some in my Etsy shop, as I had some inactive listings to use.

Did you know that Guinea Pigs have tails? You can't see it, but they do. Their "tail" is just a tail vertebrate, but I love to figure them with a little "hamster" tail, after all they're part of my Unusual Fantasy Funny Animals. Aren't they?

01 July, 2009

Picnic at 100 Akres Wood

Three friends are having a picnic at the 100 Akres wood.
The sun is shining and the food is yummy, let's sing together a happy song:

Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!
Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!
I don't much mind if it rains or snows,
'Cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice new nose!
I don't care if it snows or thaws,
'Cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice clean paws!
Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!
Sing Ho! for the life of a Pooh!
And I'll have a little something in an hour or two!

The three funny guys are crocheted with sewing thread and a 0.5mm hook. Pooh bear is 15mm tall, Piglet is 19mm tall and Eeyore is 10mm tall. They all are 5 ways thread jointed so they can move the head and the limbs, more fun in posing them!
They are having a picnic at the 100 Akres Wood between toadstools and butterflies eating some yummy food on a green gingham blanket.

24 June, 2009

Hello Kitty's House

I'm finally back from the Paris show SIMP!
I met such gifted miniaturist there and it was so nice to see in person people that I just knew on the web. Happy faces to add to a name!
Still have to show some works that will be soon on sale in my CDHM Gallery or in my Esty shop.
In a previous post I showed you a little Hello Kitty, well here is the quarter scale house I made just for her:

I bought the house on Ebay but it arrived broken! Someone at the custom must have opened the packet and let the house fall. So I decided to restyle it and make a new one for my little Kitty.
New wallpaper, new floor, new furniture, all the stuff on the shelves is removable (I used mini hold to stick it) and the micro box opens too .... everything in the Muffa style!

14 June, 2009

Gnomes and turtles!

Sometimes ideas come in the strangest way! I made a very little terrarium and needed something to put inside it because it seemed "empty". As I usually work in the evening (well, I'd better say night) I went to sleep with that "little something" in mind and ... voilà I dreamt about gnomes and turtles! So here they are, made with polymer clay, the smallest gnomes (just 4mm tall):

and the smallest turtle (just 6mm long):

and here is the terrarium:

10 June, 2009

Hellooo Kitty!

This is probably the tiniest Hello Kitty I've ever made, just 16mm tall!

I'm also doing some little furniture in a quarter scale, and she feels so comfy in it, with a little table and a teapot, to have a cup of tea with friends.

And here are some other teapots, Teapots at Fingertips!

06 June, 2009


I LOVE mushrooms and in all my dioramas there are little mushrooms and butterflies too.
This time I made very small ones, just like the head of a pin.
Here is a row of a "work in progress" mushrooms:

I also made some to use as a chair, it is well known that fairies sit on mushrooms, isn't it?
I used wooden door knobs, paint, nail lacquer and of course butterflies:

and my working table is messier and messier ....

29 May, 2009


I know! I promised to post every Friday on my Blog and ..... and!

But this is a rough period, I'll be at the SIMP (Salon International de la Maison de Poupée) in Paris next 21 June and I have sooo many things to finish and so few time to do them.

I'll show you a preview of what I'm making starting from my super messy working table:

Little mice (they are approx 10mm long) into a miniature match box:

and if they are so asleep is because I told them a story, here is the miniature book of Nursery Rhymes I made for them:

24 April, 2009


I will be posting every Friday on the CDHM Blog and, as I want to become a good girl, I'll try to post in my Blog too.
Here the Friday has already gone as it's late at night (or early Saturday morning), and as usual I'm late!
I'm in the fairy mood and here is what I've finished this evening, a little fairy bear just 25mm tall with silk wings, she's on sale in my Esty shop:

"Bracken Bell"
She is a cheerful sprite.
She lives in fields where wild flowers and poppies grow.
She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup on midsummer's eve.
She dresses in leafy bracken-green.
She has gentle green and yellow butterfly wings.

Long overdue post!!

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